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Chippewa Flowage Partner Organizations

The CFAPOA works with a whole network of organizations to implement its mission. Below is a description of some of the organizations with which the CFAPOA collaborates to preserve the Chippewa Flowage. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the CFAPOA liaisons listed here.

Chippewa Flowage Partners Group – CFP

Formerly called the Chippewa Reservoir Steering Committee, the CFP was formed in 2006 after a meeting with Xcel Energy to discuss low summer water levels that year. The CFP is a joint, non-regulatory team to facilitate ongoing communication and the resolution of outstanding issues concerning the Chippewa Flowage. CFP is comprised of the original participants in the August 2000 Chippewa Flowage Joint Agency Management Plan among the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the Forest Service of the US Department of Agriculture, together with Xcel Energy, CFAPOA, LCFRA, and Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

Example topics addressed have included water level management, vegetation and fisheries management, erosion control, dissolved oxygen levels, invasive species, cultural resource protection, and public access. It is the responsibility of the CFAPOA liason(s) to represent Association members’ interests at CFP meetings. Like other participant entities, the CFAPOA has a single advisory vote in expressing the CFAPOA’s position on any question being considered by the CFP. Board chair Connie Peterson is the CFAPOA’s voting representative. Other liaisons for the Association are Board directors Terry Moe, Pete Czarnecki, Doug Kurtzweil, Dennis Clagett, Brenda Dettloff and Mark Zich.

Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Association – LCFRA

LCFRA is the organization of resorts and businesses on or near the Chippewa Flowage. We have partnered with them on many projects over the years including fish crib building and installation, sponsorship for the new disabled angler
fishing pier, and Chippewa Flowage Islands Project. We provide support for angler education at the annual Musky Hunt. The LCFRA website at provides useful news and information about conditions and events on the Flowage. Our liaisons are Pete and Barb Czarnecki of Johnson’s Resort and Brenda Dettloff of IndianTrails Resort.

Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust – CWRLT

CWRLT was instrumental in helping the CFAPOA with the Chippewa Islands Project, the purchase and preservation of Big Timber and Moonshine Islands. Dennis Clagett is the CFAPOA liaison. CWRLT has provided this description of its mission and activities: Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust is a local non-profit 501(c)3 land conservation organization working in Sawyer County to protect and promote the natural environment.

The landscape of northern Wisconsin, with acres of forests, wild wetlands and scenic shorelines, is the reason so many of us are drawn to the area, and is the real character of the northwoods you love. Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust provides the opportunity for the preservation of open space, clean water and wildlife habitat in our community. Landowners may wish to work with the land trust to protect their property permanently through a conservation easement. Conservation easements can protect lands with exceptional biologic diversity, natural habitat, historic significance, and sustainably managed forests for the benefit of present and future generations. Other opportunities for land protection include land donation, financial stewardship, and membership support. The land trust also seeks to educate and promote a positive connection to the natural environment through unique and interesting experiences. For more information about Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust, visit

Sawyer County Lakes Forum – SCLF

The CFAPOA is a member of the SCFL. Dennis Clagett and Chris Jeffords are our liaisons. SCLF is a county wide organization whose purpose is to “facilitate education, research, and sharing between organizations, individuals, governmental bodies, and the general public of Sawyer County; to maintain and improve Sawyer County’s water bodies, environs, and watersheds for now and future generations, including, but not limited to: aesthetics, water quality, wildlife habitat, fisheries, and recreation. These purposes will be accomplished while respecting the rights of property owners. SCLF is comprised of county lake and river associations and individual members. SCLF can be found online at

Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin – WFNW

WFNW’s mission is to improve fishing in Northwest Wisconsin for our children’s future, particularly for but not limited to Walleyes. Walleyes for Northwest Wisconsin accomplishes this by supporting conservation practices, focus on water quality, improving our fish habitat by involvement with weed control projects and working with the WDNR as needed to accomplish mutual goals. WFNW is committed to educating our young anglers about our fish resources and how to keep our lakes in balance so quality fishing opportunities can be shared for generations to come. WFNW and CFAPOA have worked together on habitat and stocking projects to enhance the Flowage walleye fishery. WFNW is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. More information can be found online at

Wisconsin Lakes

Wisconsin Lakes has partnered with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and University of Wisconsin Extension Lakes Program since the early 1970s to provide science, management tools, legislative and policy updates, and other resources to local lake organizations. Wisconsin Lakes is a sponsor of the annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention and our regional Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference, held last year in Hayward and to be held this year in Spooner. Last summer Governor Walker vetoed funding for Wisconsin Lakes to continue in this partnership so CFAPOA membership fees will go up substantially. The Board is considering whether to continue this affiliation because of the increased cost. Information on Wisconsin Lakes can be found online at Our regional representative is Cathie Erickson of Stone Lake, 715-865-4406,

Wisconsin Shoreland

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