Chippewa Flowage Area Property Owners Association


Elevation as of June 14, 2017: 1312.79 ft.
Season of the Year[1]: Summer 2017
Typical Summer Target Low Elevation[2]: 1310.5 ft. (2.5 ft. drawdown)
2017 Projected Summer Low Elevation: 1310.0 ft. (3.0 ft. drawdown)


  • The winter drawdown was limited to 4.56 ft., much less than the forecasted drawdown depth, due to minimal snowpack and an early arrival of spring. Significant rains over the last month have increased inflows into the reservoir and allowed for the reservoir elevation to remain at a high level while maintaining a strong discharge rate from the dam.
  • The reservoir began to refill from winter drawdown in late-February due to early snowmelt and the reservoir was drawn down additionally in March to its winter maximum on March 28. The reservoir level was restored to the 1312.50 ft. elevation on May 4. Ice-out on the reservoir was much earlier than normal.
  • Based on the current reservoir level, inflow rates, and the anticipated needs for water downstream, Xcel Energy intends to draw down the reservoir to elevation 1310.0 ft. (3 ft. drawdown) this summer.
  • If above average precipitation occurs during the summer months and inflows into the reservoir remain high, the target elevation may be adjusted slightly upward. Should drought conditions occur this summer, reservoir levels may be reduced due to lack of significant inflow.
  • Current projections are to maintain the reservoir elevation above 1312.0 ft. through the end of June. Discharge from the dam is currently 4,872 cfs. Should electrical generation needs increase in June due to hot weather or unanticipated power plant outages, additional water could be removed from the reservoir to increase generation at downstream hydro plants.
  • The required minimum discharge (250 cfs) from the dam will be maintained at all times with increases in outflow at times during the summer season for downstream river flow augmentation.
  • Xcel Energy will notify the public in the event that reservoir levels are anticipated to decrease below the 1310.0 ft. elevation.

[1] Definitions of Seasons of the Year for Operating the Chippewa Storage Reservoir:
Winter: December 1 – March 30
Spring: April 1 – June 1
Summer: June 2 – September 30
Fall: October 1 – November 30

[2] The minimum required elevation of the Chippewa Reservoir is 1297.0 ft. msl

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