Chippewa Flowage Area Property Owners Association



  1. Restore the natural scenic beauty of wild shorelines by healing the scars left by decades of wave erosion on wind-exposed islands and points.
  2. Restore shallow-water habitat to maximize spawning success of walleye and smallmouth bass, which are vital to subsistence and sport fisheries.
  3. Prevent further loss of eroding tribal, state, and federal shoreland that harbor the buried remains and artifacts of Ojibwe ancestors.
  4. Restore small, isolated sites of erosion created by intense public use.


  1. Residents and visitors will enjoy the uninterrupted beauty of our wild, scenic shorelines and associated lakeshore wildlife.
  2. Walleye and smallmouth bass will have more optimal spawning habitat (cobble and gravel instead of sand). Abundant walleyes will ensure adequate predation on young panfish, allowing surviving crappies and other panfish to grow quickly to preferred sizes. A thriving fishery will support area business.
  3. Our Ojibwe neighbors and their ancestors will be respected by preserving buried remains and artifacts that reflect their cultural heritage.
  4. Isolated areas of intense public use (overnight camping and picnic sites) will be resotred and protected from further degradation.

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